FunShine Entertainment Inc. Privacy Policy

Please read this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) carefully before using (“Website”), downloading, installing, or using our mobile application (“Services”) is owned and operated by FunShine Entertainment (“FunShine Entertainment”), and is committed to ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of our Subscriber ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” s personal information. At FunShine Entertainment, we value our customers and take their privacy issues very seriously. This Privacy Policy will help you better understand why we need certain pieces of information from you and what we do with it. We are guided by the Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI), Children ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU). As we do not interact with patient health information, we are not responsible to comply with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”). This Data Protection and Privacy Policy below describes the principles and practices that apply to the Personal Information (defined below) that we collect and hold from individuals online or offline (visitor or you), such as individuals who browse through our Site (defined below), register on the Site, use the online services provided on the App/Site, interact with the Site, communicate with us through telephone, email, text or other means, participate in our interviews, surveys or promotions, or read or receive our newsletters. We made good efforts to make sure that we meet the requirements of CPNI and GDPR, PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act 2019), and with to the best of our knowledge to protect the security of your Personal Information. We will only use and disclose your personal information for the primary purposes of our business when you have given express consent to do so. We do not disclose your personal information to any third party.

1. Information Which Is Collected

Registration Codes and Passwords – You will need to register in order to access some applications on the FunShine Entertainment website. When you initially register, you may be asked to provide some information which you may consider personal. IP Addresses – this is a number assigned to your computer when you connect it to the internet; it functions as sort of a caller ID for other computers. Web servers use IP Addresses to identify a particular computer as well as what kind of computer it is and what kind of browser you are using. Cookies – these are strings of text which are loaded into your computer ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” s hard drive by the websites that you visit. Nearly all websites use cookies to track your visits to that website and to store some personal information; usually your name and your purchase history for that particular site. It is possible to instruct your browser to block cookies, or to alert you to when they are being downloaded. If you block cookies, though, it will prevent you from using some applications on each website.

2. Businesses And Groups Who Collect This Information

FunShine Entertainment will collect this information from you when your visit our website. Advertisers on our website and other websites to which we have links may also collect some of this information. You may want to view the privacy policies of these third-party sites before you log into the site or provide them with any personal information. FunShine Entertainment is not responsible for and cannot control the privacy policies of other companies.

3. The Ways We Use This Information

FunShine Entertainment will collect information in order to analyze how individuals and groups use the Website. This will give us information on ways to make our Website more users friendly and more applicable to our customers. FunShine Entertainment will also use your information to tailor each website visit to meet your personal needs, thus saving you time and effort. FunShine Entertainment may also use the information to send you news concerning special offers from FunShine Entertainment or our partners, unless you let us know that you don ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” t want to receive this information. FunShine Entertainment may additionally use data which identifies you, your account or your computer when answering emails or providing technical support, as well as dealing with the occasional infraction of our Website Terms and Conditions.

4. Other Parties With Whom This Information Could Be Shared

Third Party Businesses may be given some of this data on a “need to know” basis when they have been hired by FunShine Entertainment for the purpose of operational, marketing and advertising support, or if these businesses provide skills or services which we wish to offer our customers. FunShine Entertainment requires that these third party businesses satisfy our security and privacy concerns and agree to treat your information confidentially. FunShine Entertainment will not release information which is normally protected by law, and the information is never used for tasks which fall outside of our oversight or control. Government Agencies, Legal Entities and Courts may sometimes compel us to share information as a result of a government action or a private lawsuit. We will only provide information which is necessary to meet the terms of the law, subpoena, or other action. If we are forced to bring legal action against one of our customers, this may require us to offer some specific information for court documents. If any or all of the FunShine Entertainment assets are acquired by, or merged with those of another entity, or in the unlikely event of a bankruptcy, we may disclose, share or transfer some or all of our users ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” Personal Information to or with this entity in preparation of the transaction, as part of the due diligence, or after the transaction has been consummated, so that the successor entity can continue providing services to our users. If the recipient of the Personal Information has personal information practices that do not meet the substance of this Privacy Policy, you may be given the opportunity to exercise your rights with respect to your Personal Information. Your personal data will be processed in the event that we go through a business transition, such as a merger, acquisition, liquidation, or sale of all or a portion of our assets. For example, it is possible that personal data will be part of the assets transferred or may be disclosed (subject to confidentiality restrictions) during the due diligence process for a potential transaction. Apart from the entities and situations described above, FunShine Entertainment does not knowingly provide, nor do we allow anyone else to provide your personal information to any third party without your consent.

5. Ways In Which You Can Control The Information We Collect, Use And Distribute

Please be aware that you might unknowingly share personally identifiable data when you participate in forums, chat rooms or message boards, and there is no way for FunShine Entertainment to monitor these communications or control what information is shared within them. At FunShine Entertainment, we make a priority of safeguarding your personal information, but we are unable to protect any information you voluntarily disclose online in open forums.

6. Special Protections For Children Younger Than 13 Years Of Age

The Children ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires that we do not knowingly collect or receive personally identifiable information from a child younger than 13 years of age unless we also receive permission from the child ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” s parent or guardian. FunShine Entertainment will also comply with any request of a parent or guardian whose child is a registered user under 13 years of age to access, change, or remove personal information about that child from our Website. A child ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” s personally identifiable information is subject to the same protections on our Website as is the same information pertaining to an adult.

7. Links To Third Party And Affiliate Websites

Users on FunShine Entertainment ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” Website are able to link from our site to third party, affiliate and partner websites which are not monitored or controlled by FunShine Entertainment. We encourage you to read the privacy policies on each new website to which you link, before you provide any personally identifiable information to that website. FunShine Entertainment cannot be responsible for the actions of third party websites.

8. Changing, Correcting OR Updating Your Information

Please email FunShine Entertainment at if you wish to change, update or your registration information which you provided to the Website when you registered.

9. The Methods We Use To Protect Your Information

Protecting and securing your personally identifiable information is nearly as important to FunShine Entertainment as it is to you. Consequently, we do everything possible to allow you to securely transmit your personal information between your computer and our servers. We follow generally accepted industry standards such as CPNI and GDPR to protect personal information, during transmission and once we receive it. We use administrative, physical, and technical measures designed to protect it from unauthorized access, loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. Any data collected by FunShine Entertainment for the purposes of assessments and to provide its Services may be protected by encryption. This means we may keep data in an unreadable state unless a user or process presents the appropriate key. In accordance with data protection regulations, this simple control method restricts data processing only for authorized use and restricts the amount of time that you are identifiable by your data. Our data may be encrypted at rest and in transit. Encryption prevents unauthorized data manipulation; limits data access to authorized users and monitors key usage to ensure that the data cannot be changed without authorization. FunShine Entertainment use of encryption together with our access controls provides users to have confidence in their data ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” s integrity. When we need to transfer information out of our firewall, we may use encryption methods to protect your data while in transit through the Internet. We may use encryption and a comprehensive authentication protocol to provide reasonable security. Therefore, while we use the highest standards commercially available to protect your personal information, no method of transmission over the Internet or method can ever guarantee its absolute security. Identity theft and the practice currently known as ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” phishing ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” are of great concern to us. Please understand that you also have a responsibility in protecting your information. The fact remains, though, that no form of data transmission is 100% secure. While we are staying on the cutting edge of internet security, we are unable to completely guarantee the confidentiality of any information you transmit to us. After we receive your information, FunShine Entertainment will use every reasonable and available procedure or technological application to respect your privacy and safeguard your information. Keep in mind that FunShine Entertainment will never request that you provide a password or other personal information in an unsolicited phone call or email.

10. CPNI

While providing Services to you, we collect and maintain certain Customer Proprietary Network Information (“CPNI”). CPNI includes the types of services you currently purchase, related usage and billing information for those services. Your telephone number, name and address are not CPNI. We value our relationships with our Users and are committed to respecting and protecting your CPNI and to complying with applicable law regarding CPNI. Accordingly, we do not sell, trade or share your CPNI, including your calling records outside of FunShine Entertainment group of companies, including our Affiliates, or with anyone not authorized to offer our products or services, or to perform functions on our behalf (e.g. operational service providers) except as authorized by you or required by law. Generally, we can use your CPNI to offer additional services to you, and for billing and collections purposes. We can also disclose your CPNI for legal or regulatory reasons, including in response to subpoenas, court orders and the like. We can also use CPNI to investigate fraud and to prevent violation of our policies and agreements with you and unlawful use of our network, services and other users.

11. Data Accuracy

We will exercise reasonable efforts to keep your Personal Information accurate. However, we need your help in making sure that your Personal Information is correct in our systems. Please notify us of changes to information that you have previously provided by contacting us as indicated in the Contact Us section (below).

12. Changes To This Privacy Policy

We will change this Privacy Policy on occasion in response to advancements in security technology. Notices of these changes will be posted on the website at the time the change is made, and your continued use of the website after the changes are posted implies your consent to those changes.

13. How To Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the way in which your personal data is being processed or you want to exercise your rights above, please reach out to FunShine Entertainment using the contact information below: By Phone: (713) 355-4447 By Email: